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Calibre Support Wrist Support Brace. Arthritis Support Offering Instant relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Wrist Pain - Adjustable Fit With Removable Splint

  • £1099

  • TIRED OF FIGHTING A LOOSING BATTLE WITH CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME? With the increase in use of computers throughout all occupation types, Carpal Tunnel has become a widespread issue for many. The QT wrist support will help!
  • HAS MANUAL LABOR OR SPORTS CAUSE WRIST TENDONITIS? Imagine gaining even a fraction of the sturdiness that you once had in your wrist! A removable metal splint offers support to all severities of tendonitis.
  • INSTANT WRIST DISCOMFORT RELIEF! Strong Velcro providing compression and support helps the QT wrist support get to work straight away, helping relieve wrist discomfort.
  • CONTINUE YOUR PASSION AND EASE THE PAIN! Weather it be sewing, gaming or graphic editing, the support from the QT wrist brace will allow you to enjoy your activity with reduced RSI pain.
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF YOUR MONEY BACK 100%! We are so confident in the quality of our QT Wrist Support that we stand by our lifetime guarantee!

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